On the way to a required professional development session, my colleague and I stopped for coffee (me) and Diet Coke (her).

“Gotta have something to keep us awake,” we told each other.

Upon arriving at our destination and settling in, I began looking over the materials, took a sip of my coffee, and—

“Good HEAVENS, that’s sweet!” I spluttered. I haven’t had sugar in my coffee in years, just two creams. Perhaps that’s why the taste was so intense?

And then I saw the tag on the cup.

Friends, and we wonder what is wrong with our country.

22 thoughts on “Mix-up

  1. Good heavens is right! 20 sugars??? I like my coffee sweet, but wow! Is there any way the person who took your order could have misheard you at all??

    Needless to say, you’ve not come down off your sugar high!

    Thanks for this “sweet” slice! 😉

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    • I think someone else in the drive-though line ordered it and that there was a mix-up – don’t know how “coffee with two creams” could be misheard to this degree! I didn’t drink it. COULDN’T drink it. I would still be in a sugar coma or riveted to that meeting-room ceiling by my fingernails.

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  2. I almost spit out my (mostly black and certainly not full of 20 sugars!) coffee!! And then my next thought was…did you drink it?? I don’t know if I could have sat through any PD, no matter how dynamic, without caffeine!


  3. HOLY MOLY! That’s appalling. I can’t help gawking when I see people add sugar to their coffee in a seemingly never-ending stream–sort of like when I pass an accident or see road kill. I know I shouldn’t stare but it’s mesmerizing and horrifying! Yikes! I’m so sorry you didn’t get your coffee, but at least you found a slice!

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  4. This is definitely a commentary on critical thinking. At what point does the coffee maker ask for clarification? Does a request for extreme amounts of sugar happen so often that it doesn’t cause one to pause and ask? Sheesh!

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