Science poem: Existential Dance

For Monday’s VerseLove on Ethical ELA, host Brittany Saulnier extended this invitation: “Today, write a poem inspired by science and perhaps, whimsy…The challenge is to ensure the reader can simultaneously glimpse the scientific concept you were inspired by and a universal truth.” As always, my thoughts turn to nature. It is always teaching; are we … Continue reading Science poem: Existential Dance

Finch elegy

I forborechecking the finch nestin the wreathon the door after threemaybe fourlittle finches hatched in the cold I knew that Februaryseemed too earlyfor laying that sustainedfreezing in Marchcould take a toll but I heard Mamaand Papa House Finchchattering all along with babies’ bright voices until a day or so ago they’ve fledged and gonealready, soI … Continue reading Finch elegy