Today’s post serves a dual purpose: My daily Slice of Life Story Challenge and Spiritual Journey Thursday, organized by my friend Margaret Simon on the first Thursday of the month. Thank you, Margaret, for the invitation to host. I chose to write around the theme of “balance.” Not necessarily what you may think… ******* It’s … Continue reading Equinox

Seeing me

The big question on Day Three of our Teacher Summer Writing Institute: How do I see myself as a teacher of writing—no matter my grade level or content area?  The day became a collage of images and symbolism. Teachers were tasked with using postcards and personal artifacts as metaphors for teaching writing. They used these ideas … Continue reading Seeing me

13 ways of looking at a black cat crossing your path…

A list poem, of sorts, inspired by Wallace Stevens‘ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” shared this week on Ethical ELA. The Open Write challenge: “To look outside ourselves to the larger world. Craft a poem about it…the larger world is many different things to people, and in many cases, it’s America.” Everything hinges … Continue reading 13 ways of looking at a black cat crossing your path…


One recent morning, dark and dreary, as I pondered, weak and weary, after binge-watching vintage noir films (as if one needs more psychological drama on top of taking one’s husband for another ER visit due to his sky-high blood pressure and pains in his still-healing heart, rising pandemic numbers and escalating real-life horrors televised nonstop … Continue reading Blanketgeist