Next-to-the last day of March. Early morning. Still dark. Chilly. I sit at my laptop, sipping coffee, catching up on my Slice of Life blog comments. The neighborhood rooster across the street crows for all he’s worth. My husband comes into the kitchen: “Is she up yet?” he whispers. He means our granddaughter. She spent … Continue reading Magnolia


It looks like a glass teardrop there in my hands. I tip it this way and that, watching the tiny white pieces inside floating up and down in the clear liquid, catching the light and glowing with bits of colored fire. I’ve never seen anything so magical. “Grannie, what IS this?” I breathe. I can … Continue reading Opal


Dear Blue, I note that you have been showing up more than usual in my life lately. You are, in fact, a Presence. I wonder if this all started with my renewed interest in Vincent van Gogh and The Starry Night. One would assume that the artist’s haloed stars are the magnetic pull here… but … Continue reading Blue