Teach Write


How amazing these words are that slowly come to me.

How wonderfully on and on they go.

Will the words end, I ask

whenever I remember to.

Nope, my sister says, all of five years old now,

and promising me


—Jacqueline Woodson on learning to write, “The Beginning,” Brown Girl Dreaming

Writing is, in many ways, a celebration of life. Of our stories that we live out each day. Of discovering our ability to change the course of our stories even as we are living them.

Believing in the power of writing and the need to share our stories, today I celebrate the vibrant work of my friends and colleagues at Teach Write.

Teach Write is dedicated to teachers of writing and teachers as writers. Founded on the knowledge that teachers often struggle with writing instruction and with ways to grow as writers themselves, Teach Write provides a treasure trove of ideas, connections, support, and opportunities to contribute—everything from coaching to tips to daily writing opportunities.

Check out their website and resources: Teach Write.

Also check them out on Twitter: @TeachWriteEDU. Participate in their #TeachWrite chats on the first Monday of each month, 7:30 p.m. EST.

As a teacher desiring to grow as a writer, consider joining the Teach Write Facebook Tribe.

It’s my honor and pleasure to have a small part in the great work that Teach Write is doing to encourage teachers, from discovering I AM a writer to going forth and instilling the same in children. My contributions as guest blogger:

March 9, 2018: What Community Is and Why It Matters

April 11, 2018: Thinking in Poetry

May 8, 2018: When I Stick With It

July 9, 2018: The Power of Feedback and Risk-Taking

October 10, 2018: Writing is My Elixir

November 9, 2018: A Taste of Memoir

May 8, 2019: Tuned Into Meaning

Thank you, Teach Write, for the invitation to write . . . for that is sometimes all that a person might be waiting for.

To write that first word, to take that first step, on the journey toward infinity.

10 thoughts on “Teach Write

  1. Well, the last one from the group thanks you for your support, your words, and your own vision of what teacher-writers are. I remember the first time I read one of your blog posts, and I thought, “I wish I could write like her!” You have this way wrapping the reader into your story, and I am always inspired by your words, as are many others. The work we do as teacher-writers to inspire, to invite, to celebrate and to support is always at the forefront. Thank you for being part of our tribe!

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    • Oh, Leigh Anne! It was hard for me when I first started this blog – which came about because, as much as I like to write, I knew I needed to do it more consistently if I was going to encourage my colleagues to do the same – walk the talk, you know. The writing wasn’t the hardest part; sharing it with “strangers” via the blog was … and there you were from the beginning, cheering me on right when I needed it most. Your voice was one that gave me strength, Leigh Anne. Thank you, truly, for your extraordinary support of and belief in my writing and for saying so. You personally and Teach Write as well are all about helping others grow their writing wings, so they (we) can fly. We bring the students with us. Love this tribe. That word “invite” is so apropos for your work here.


  2. “Teach Write is dedicated to teachers of writing and teachers as writers” YUP! Beautiful slice that is a true tribute to an inspirational group of teachers whose roots, beliefs, and learning are evident in all they do! Teach Write affirms my beliefs and continues to push my thinking which, as a teacher writer, is a gift! Thank you Fran! Thank you Teach Write Tribe!

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    • What strikes me in your words here is the repetition of “beliefs.” Belief in yourself as a writer, as a teacher of writing. Belief in your students as writers. Belief in the writing itself, that there’s phenomenal power in it. Belief in sharing your writing, belief in those who respond to it … yes, these are what the Teach Write community affirms. Thank YOU, Dawn, for your valuable contribution as well, and for these words. 🙂

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