Writing teacher rhapsody

Globe with gold suspended in water

Writing time.

Expectancy painted on their faces.

They know something’s coming,

just not what, yet.

But something.


Their own.

In this moment

I’m just the crossing guard

from the unit 

to the universe.

Ever expanding.

They do not know, yet,

that they’re made 

of the same stuff as the stars.

That the stuff without

is always calling

to the stuff within.

They are children

but not too young to discover

they’re oceans

containing more than simply


and salt.

But I know 

there’s millions of pounds of gold

infinitesimally dispersed

throughout the oceans.

Here is where

those priceless grains 

rise to the surface

take shape

become substance.

Now is when they start spilling

onto the page

to shine

with a light of their own.

The whole of my task

is to stir


and be swept away.

8 thoughts on “Writing teacher rhapsody

  1. Wow! Fran this is packed with awe and pride at the writers that children naturally are! My favorite line – They are children

    but not too young to discover

    they’re oceans
    They are oceans of ideas!
    I agree our job is to “stir, release, and be swept away”. I so admire your well chosen words and well crafted slice! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. These lines, this image: “I’m just the crossing guard/ from the unit/ to the universe.” Wow. That will remain with me. And the metaphor of the gold in the ocean. The whole poem is full of your absolute certainty of the value of each of your students. Beautiful. (Also, if you haven’t read it, I bet you would love the picture book You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey.)

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    • Thank you, Amanda! I based this post on an experience with young writers this week – actually told them they can get ideas from “anywhere in the whole universe.” The look on their faces as this sank in-!! The only limits are those we place on them (alarmingly). I am happy to know this resonated so with you. And, I haven’t read You Are Stardust! An immediate to-do! 🤩

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