I see you

From the desk (so to speak) of Henry Rollins Haley (HRH), “pawthor” of the Henry Writes posts

[With right paw, adjusts laptop lid for best camera angle. Commences typing with one foreclaw]

Hello again, at last.

It’s been a while, has it not?

I’ve not forgotten you.

It’s just that I SO RARELY get screen time.

Can you see me—?

Because I can see you.

And, frankly, I’m worried. A lot.

You seem tired. Tense. Does your head hurt? Your bones? Your heart?

Something does. I sense it.

It makes me anxious.

Not for myself.

For you.

See, I have this innate, overwhelming, all-consuming need for everything to be okay, and it can’t be, if you are not okay.

I have no alternative but to dispel this disequilibrium. I am utterly compelled to restore a balance of Well-Being and Goodwill, for, otherwise, I simply cannot cope.

I’m unable to speak this, as you know. I must communicate via the only means I have.

Fortunately, I can type . . . .

But better still, I come as close as possible to you. I wait for you to see me. To acknowledge me, welcome me, invite me. Give me a sign. Then I will offer you my questing paw, my nudging nose, the long, velvety-warm magnificence of Me, custom-made for absorbing your sadness, your tears, your aches, your angst, so that they melt deep and far away, into insignificance, to irrelevance, nearly to nonexistence.

My gift is calm. My presence, peace. Your being, my being.

And so I wait and watch, hoping, hoping, forever hoping. Can you see it in my eyes?

Can you see me?

I see you.


14 thoughts on “I see you

  1. Oh, I felt that Henry was reaching through the screen to ease my tired mind and body this morning! His therapy has gone digital. For a moment, I was wanting a dog in my life again. Thank you, Henry!

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    • Henry says that was exactly his intent, to reach out with all the comfort he can spread around. He knows how much it’s needed and he has bountiful supply of it! He can’t bear even the slightest unhappy, anxious vibes; he gives his entire self to make this better. The most perceptive creature I’ve ever known. –Do you suppose he’s the first digital therapy dog? A calling to ponder …! (And Henry says you’re so welcome, Chris, and that if you were here, he’d lay his head right in your lap).

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  2. A year ago I would not have been able to appreciate the power of this post or the power of the presence of a dog in a home. Last April, we brought home our first puppy, Maci. Now, having been a “dog person” for almost a year, I get it! I get the power of a dog to heal and love is priceless. Thanks for sharing, Henry!

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    • Fran: What a pretty name! The absolute devotion of a dog, and, yes, the phenomenal powers, are among life’s greatest gifts. Unequivocally.

      Henry (smiling, showing a bit of bottom teeth): Thank YOU! I live to share! 🙂

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