You are my song

After walking together, one evening.


You were a long time in coming

a long time absorbing the world

and deciding to smile

I know the shadows stretch long

in your young life, but 

if you never knew until now,

You are my song,

you are my song.

Noticing patterns in everything

hearing the music before you knew words

It was always a part of you,

the very heart of you

Just as you are my song,

you are my song.

Life’s a composition of

bright major and dark minor chords

The most beautiful timbre, your voice

in your gentle soul I rejoice

For you are my song,

you are my song.

  At the end of the day, know that 

I love you

You’re heaven’s light shining on me.

The tenor of my life,

a smile on the world.

You are my song

you are my song.

Always, forever, my sweet son

—you are my song.


14 thoughts on “You are my song

    • Thank you. Very early in his life, I noticed him counting beats in music. He plays a number of instruments and is most amazing on piano. He can sing every part. When he was five, he announced that he wanted to be a choir director when he grew up. At seventeen, right out of high school, he was hired as a director of church music. Currently working on a degree. He loves a variety of music, including jazz and the Beach Boys! I remain in awe of it all. 🙂


  1. The love for your child is a beautiful ribbon running through this poem. “You are my song” is so apt. I had a discussion once with my father when I quit teaching with my first pregnancy; he claimed I was wasting my degree (I had already taught for six years, at that point). I pointed out that fairly or not, I will be judged by what kind of people my children become; my legacy through them was at least, if not more, important than my work as a teacher. Children are our songs to the world, to be sung long after we’re gone.


  2. Your adoration is showing! I love this line, “Life’s a composition of
    bright major and dark minor chords” My mother and brother got all the music talent in our family. It skipped over my girls, but my sister’s son is an amazing drummer. He’s been drumming all his life. That’s how it is with music talent; it’s born.

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    • Music does run in the blood. Fascinating how it skips generations and resurfaces. When I was little my grandmother used to place my fingers on the keys of her chord organ, to help me play songs. I pressed the major and minor buttons over and over, listening to the celebratory sound of the major, the haunting sound of the minor – that’s where that line was born. Thank you. Margaret.

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  3. How wonderful that you wrote about your son in “his” language, music. This is a treasure. For him, of course, but also for your readers. Your love for him is the underlying steady beat throughout all the lyrics!

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