On the shifting of seasons


in the blaze of summer

the barest hint of change

In the crescendo of cicada song

a whisper of waning

Almost imperceptibly

the shift begins


climate controlled

time suspended


but not desolation

as inevitably, in life,

the shift begins

I walk the hospital floor

thinking that cicadas don’t know

Or do they?

Their song throbs loudest

in the summer sun that remains

This same sun that

casts shadows

where I must walk

also casts unexpected rainbows

at my feet.

10 thoughts on “On the shifting of seasons

  1. Fran, I read your poem this morning in the quiet morning hours just before the sun rises and sensed the mournful tone that comes from hearing nature and watching the seasons pass. Love that you ended on an image offering promise and hope, a rainbow that glows despite the shadows life casts.

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    • Kathleen, you’re an angel. It’s the truth. You lift my spirits on every encounter. He’s in the hospital for another week or so, needs more heart surgery – but the prognosis is good! We are still wrapping our brains around it but also counting our (nearly countless) blessings. ❤️

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    • Thanks so very much for the prayers, Amanda. At the time of composing, I knew we’d reached a place of no return with his health. Life is altered and different; I wasn’t sure, yet, how altered and different. The glow of that rainbow on the floor buoyed me while I walked and waited to find out. I spend a lot of time now thinking about treasuring the moments we have … and celebrating that we do still have them!


  2. I was just explaining the isolation of the hospital setting to a friend, though in the more positive light of my volunteering time in the NICU. Your poem brings back the opposite side of that coin, the time I spent there as a parent. The rest of the world does seem to slip away, and you wonder how it all relates to the very important event going on within those hospital walls. You’ve captured that feeling eloquently. Sending hope for speedy healing for your husband.

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    • Many thanks, Chris. I’ve thought a lot about volunteering during our extended stay here. The whole support system in this hospital is tremendous. More surgery awaits next week but we’ve been so encouraged about recovery & outcomes. I can only imagine the depth of your connection in the NICU. What a true gift of the heart.

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