19 thoughts on “Love you always

    • It is a moment I will carry with me for the rest of my life; I am full of joy and pride for my son and this whole new chapter of his life, with a beautiful wife and daughter. I took that photo – words can never capture the sacredness and poignance of that moment and my new granddaughter’s expression as my boy pledged to be her loving father. Thank you, Carol.


    • Thank you, Kathleen – when my son and his new wife were making wedding plans, her little girl believed it was “her” wedding, too! Of course it was in a way…she also wanted her own ring! That’s why he gave her the necklace. Her face when he bent down and promised to be a good father … I will never forget it, ever. ❤️

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    • Thank you, Amanda. My heart is so full – I will carry this moment with me always, my son making vows to his beautiful wife and new daughter. I took the photo during the ceremony. Btw: my daughter-in-law made her own wedding gown and stitched those words, “Love you always,” inside my son’s wedding tie. ❤️


    • It was about as perfect as a moment gets, Clare. Perfect joy. So proud of my son. So thrilled to have these beautiful ladies in our lives! (We have a little girl! – and oh, the joy on her little face as he vowed to be her dad … ❤️)


  1. This gave me the chills. It called to be read over and over. Before each reread I stared at the picture and smiled. What an incredible moment you’ve captured in words and picture! Congratulations!! Thanks, as always, for sharing glimpses into your life!

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  2. This belongs in a frame, next to the picture, to be displayed for as long as eyes can see. This is the antidote to the soundbites of sadness and despair and wrong-ness that filled the news last night, every night. Thank you for sharing this intimate moment of love with us.

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