I will love you forever

Can I play it?

Sure. This was my Grandma’s piano. She let me play it when I was little like you.

I’m not little. I’m a BIG girl.

Oh, sorry. I meant when I was a big girl like you.

How do I find the white part?

The keys? You just open the lid. Here, I’ll help you.

I am going to play a song for you.

Really? For me? What’s it called?

It is called “I Love Your Heart.” [playing] [Ballad feel] [singing] I love your heart, your heart. I love and love and love your hearrrrt …

That is so beautiful. [sniffling]

I have another song.

You do?

[nodding] Yes. This one is “I Will Love You Forever.” [Slowly, freely] I. Will. Love. You. Foreverrrrr…

[instrumental] [rocking small body in time]

{I love YOUR little heart, and …}

Hey Franna. [still playing and rocking]


Can I live here with you until I am a hundred and nine? [pause]

Oh, I … um, that’s a really long time.

Is it forever?

Well, no. Forever is longer.

[nodding] [playing] [a tempo] I. Will. Love. You. Foreverrr …

{I know one thing, Little Big Girl}

{I.Will. Love. You. Forever.}

18 thoughts on “I will love you forever

  1. Another Slice and photo to add to your shared memory book. I imagine, and pray, that there will be many more to come. And gives me an idea for a Slice of my own…you are such a good Muse, Fran!

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  2. This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m melting! I love how you ended this slice, but what I love even more is the description of the keys as the “white part” of the piano =)

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  3. “Hey Franna. [still playing and rocking]


    Can I live here with you until I am a hundred and nine? [pause]”

    THIS. This beautiful exchange made my heart soften and melt. Thank you for a beautiful, sparkling moment on a gray, gloomy day.

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