Do you know

Do you know
it’s been twenty years
since you handed me
that necklace
at Grannie’s funeral?
“Saw it at the drugstore counter,”
you said. “I thought it was pretty
and that you’d like it.”

Do you know
how it moved me
because you weren’t one
for giving gifts very often.
I was surprised.
And you were so pleased
when I put it on.

Do you know
that I still have it.

Do you know
that I wear it
to funerals
and it brings me

Do you know
that I wore it to yours
and you seemed
very near.

Do you know
that I wear it to church
on special occasions
like Easter.

Do you know
that there isn’t any church gathering
this Easter.

Do you know
what’s happening
here on Earth.

Do you know
that on the back of the pendant
etched in tiny letters
is a word:


Do you know
when people comment
on how beautiful it is, I say
Thank you. It was a gift
from my father.

Do you know
that in all these years
the drugstore cross
you bought for me
hasn’t tarnished
at all.

9 thoughts on “Do you know

  1. You managed to draw tears again. What a beautiful way to craft a poem about this cross. Do you know? I’m sorry for your loss, but happy that you have this comforting jewel. Happy Easter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Easter, Carol – despite not being able to go to church, it was a day of strength. I saw all over the media how churches rose to the challenge. Their creativity and courage to carry on – safely – stirred my soul.


  2. This poem is really moving. And it reminds me that we never know when a little gesture, like a dime store necklace, can really make a difference in someone’s life. Thanks! And happy Easter.


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