How to find peace (Henry writes)

From the pen—um, keyboard, rather—of a favorite guest paw-thor who has his own category here on Lit Bits and Pieces…

Dear, Dear Readers,

It has been far too long since we last communed.

So much has changed.

Where to begin?

Nearly one year ago, my Him ushered Me to a new home with new—how shall I say it?— Beings. A new Her. And a little Her. And two dogs, imagine.


Predictions were made. It was said by Some that I wouldn’t be happy. That I wouldn’t adapt. That I might lash out, because, Some stated, it is the nature of My kind, for We cannot be trusted…

That is where Some make the fatal error, see.

They commit assumicide.

They do not walk in My paws. They do not see with My eyes, do not feel the rhythms of My heart.

Sure, I am—I confess—a bit of a worrier who needs a dab of reassurance here and there.

—Okay, okay, My Him says “constant” reassurance, but.


I have reached a place of peace. A higher state of being.

—Right? I know you’re asking how that’s even possible, with My obvious preexisting highness! But it is true.

This, Dear, Dear Readers, is My secret.

It isn’t found in chasing rabbits. Trust Me, there are too many to catch. More will come to taunt you tomorrow. Not worth it…

It isn’t in staying in the same comfortable place ad infinitum, but in trusting, even when it leads you to somewhere very different.

It is always, always in People, even a small One who moves quite erratically and unnervingly yet drapes Herself around Your neck whilst murmuring “I love you” (I think of Her as my living necklace. My medal of honor. I wear Her with pride. Even as I tolerate Her plunking on a ukulele in excruciating proximity. Whatever happened to lyres, I ask You—?).

It is in learning to tolerate—nay, make friends with!—creatures that breathe the same air and share the same space… it is easier than Some might think. In fact, when all the Two-Leggers are out, those dogs and I have free rein (I prefer ‘reign’) over the dwelling. My old crate, My old safe place, has been disassembled. I need it no more, for now I am never alone, and accordingly feel no need to be “destructive” (although I occasionally recall the flavor of a good book cover with much fondness. Alas.).

Above all, this higher state is achieved in spending every possible moment with The One You Love Best (in My case, Him) which I have done more than ever since last spring, these moments, these days, the joy of My existence.

I wish it to last forever and ever, Amen.

But for now I will simply bask in it for as long as I can, togetherness.

So, from My perch here on the new couch I’ve claimed as My own personal seat of dominion, right beside Him’s desk where He works, I leave you, Dear, Dear Readers, with My perfect picture of peace.

May such be upon you and yours as well.

Most Cordially,


(Henry Rollins Haley)

To sleep, perchance to dream… of more love to give on waking.
Noble beast, Pit sublime, in his state of bliss.

Many thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge honoring writers, writing, perspective, and voice.

19 thoughts on “How to find peace (Henry writes)

    • Thank you, Carol. My son sent this photo of Henry in his new home a while back and I’ve been wanting to write about it. Now seemed the time to hear what Henry has to say! Assumicide is one of our favorite fabricated words (we didn’t create it; we loved it at once and claimed it). Henry’s far better than I at not committing assumicide…


  1. Sir HRH is one hell of a writer! And I guess I didn’t make a mistake when I initially read it as litbit-sandpieces, coming from a Pit.😀
    Jokes apart, it’s both funny and heartwarming to see you giving voice to Henry and making us see things from his perspective. Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🤣 Henry expresses his utmost gratitude for the compliment on his work. He’s such a dignified fellow when not being excessively needy … it’s great fun to find his voice. I am delighted that you enjoyed!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Hannah: My deepest thanks for your good wishes. I believe I surprised everyone with how well I made this transition. But of course! Love increases exponentially! Thank you for reading My post. So honored. With Grateful and Humble Affection, HRH (aka Henry) 🐶

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  2. LOVE! This needs to be a book. Your narrator reminds me of the One and Only Ivan….I really can you expanding this into a book! Love all you share.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Ivan ❤️ – as I “listen” to Henry’s voice, I am reminded of Despereaux. I think it’s the repetition of ‘Dear Reader’ – how Henry would love to be in a book! I can see him at signings! 🤣 Thanks so much for your words, Kathleen.

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  3. I laughed out loud at “assumicide”! Oh, may I please adopt that into my vocabulary? I adore the sentiment and imagery of the “living necklace”. I felt so happy and at peace along with HRH at reading’s end, contemplating the power of acceptance and relationships in curbing destructive behavior…I would say the same may hold true for us two-leggeds.

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    • By all means, Chris, adopt “assumicide”! Henry and I borrowed it, too. I find it a perfect term for what we two-leggers do all too often. Thank you for that so needed, all around, contemplation on acceptance in relationships There’s always more space in our hearts than we know, or are willing to open… alas, HRH, despite the general judgment of his breed, is infinitely better at it than our species. For the record: I enjoy the notion of him not identifying as a dog (for it’s true!)

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  4. Fran, I love Henry’s voice! I agree with Kathleen about turning this into a book. I can see kids, parents, and teachers loving Henry in a book! You hooked me on the second and I want more! I loved The One and Only Ivan and Despereaux, also. I love books told with animal voices. In fact, your Henry’s voice makes me think of a chapter book MS I wrote a long time ago about one of our cats. Some lines I especially loved “Sure, I am—I confess—a bit of a worrier who needs a dab of reassurance here and there.—Okay, okay, My Him says “constant” reassurance, but.” and “One who moves quite erratically and unnervingly yet drapes Herself around Your neck whilst murmuring “I love you” (I think of Her as my living necklace. My medal of honor. I wear Her with pride. Even as I tolerate Her plunking on a ukulele in excruciating proximity. Whatever happened to lyres, I ask You—?).” I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for the fun, Fran. Lucky for me I can read your other blog about Henry.

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    • Gail, I thank you for your always-amazing graciousness. Henry and I are delighted that you enjoyed reading! He has his own category (Henry Writes) here on the blog…but, I wonder: Could he be the star of his own book? Or books? Hmmm. We will think on that… I – we!- especially appreciate knowing which lines you liked best. Now: will you return to your cat story-? Oh, and that gives me a thought: Perhaps HRH should write about his offense at the word “CATegory…” – regardless, thank you so much for this response. ❤


      • LOL on “CATegory!” Oh, yes, he could easily be a star of books! I have been thinking of going back to my MS about Oreo, who thinks he’s a king. I submitted it to one publisher. I received a rejection, but it had a written note. Thank you for asking me.

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