Gratitude blitz

A blitz poem has fifty lines. The first forty-eight are short phrase-bursts, sometimes even clichés. The last word of each even-numbered line is repeated as the first word in the next two lines. The final two lines are the last word of line 48, then the last word of line 47.

This week, Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog invites writers to make a gratitude list by “collecting ephemera” —perhaps from photographs, doodles, or notebooks.

This gratitude blitz is a collection of such fragments floating in my heart and mind, like bits of fiery crushed opal floating in glycerin, inside a teardrop-shaped pendant my Grannie once had. Maybe not so ephemeral…

Morning expectancy
Morning light
Light spilling from windows
Light-split rainbow colors
Colors of autumn, falling
Colors of sunrise, calling
Calling of geese, passing
Calling “Love you,” leaving home
Home for the holidays
Home for the summer
Summer tasting of salt and sea
Summer-long cicada song
Song of praise
Song of children

Children laughing
Children begging “Tell me a story”
Story in a book read over and over
Story for the writing
Writing to remember
Writing to celebrate life
Life is short
Life is a gift
Gift of God
Gift of family
Family jokes
Family time
Time for reflection
Time to rest
Rest from labors
Rest in peace
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Heart revealing
Heart healing
Healing is a compromise
Healing in your beautiful eyes
Eyes gleaming
Eyes streaming
Streaming consciousness
Streaming rivers
Rivers of possibility
Rivers of meaning
Meaning found in each new day
Meaning every word you say
Say it in prayer
Say it in love
Love never forgets to be grateful
Love lives forever



Grateful for the invitation and the gatherings at SOS—Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog and Poetry Friday, where Linda is hosting the Roundup.

23 thoughts on “Gratitude blitz

  1. Love your blitz poem! Amazing lyricism in such short lines/bursts. As I was reading through, I thought of Joyce and stream of consciousness — then smiled when I saw you’d written “streaming consciousness.” 🙂

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    • When I got to “streaming,” the first word that came to mind (fittingly) was “consciousness.” I tried to steer ’round it because it couldn’t appear as “stream of.” Yet – that’s what a blitz IS, especially one written on thoughts and ideas and being alive. It’s what gratitude is… thanks so much, Jama. I am grateful for you, your words. and your digital artistry.

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  2. How wonderful is the blitz poem, and yours, Fran! I read it through several times, like Jama, love the rhythm of it. It’s nearly like a rap, definitely needs to be spoken word! Enjoy the weekend & your Thanksgiving, streaming a lot of love!

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    • Linda, thanks so much for these words. I discovered I’d left a line out – for a blitz I start in a notebook, then I type and transfer to the blog. “Children laughing” has been put in where it belongs – and I am delighted to know you loved the rhythms.


    • Thanks so much, Elsie. I learned of the form within the last year or so and immediately felt compelled to try it. I’m sort of having a new love affair with poetry! I am wondering: have you come across Thanksgiving tacos?


    • Ruth – I thank you for your words here and throughout all of your amazing works of heart. You do it all with such grace, which I admire. So happy to have found SOS. I believe in the magic – it’s collective. Thank YOU for spreading loveliness.

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    • Thank you, Tammy – the prompt of a list of short bits (in my mind, “fragments”) turned me toward expressing gratitude with this form. Poetry has sort of “regripped” me these days – and I am grateful for that, too.


  3. This was absolutely lovely. You are amazing with poetic forms, and you choose exactly the right words. I loved “Meaning found in each new day / Meaning every word you say.” So good. I don’t write much poetry, but this inspires me.

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    • Julie, I used to write poetry as a teenager and have only come back to writing it in earnest over the last couple of years. I am enjoying experimenting with forms and the blitz has become a favorite. Delighted to know it inspires you – do see where its unique rhythms lead you!

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  4. Fran, your short burst are full of gratitude. The lines that resonate with me lead to a beautiful surprise:from Life is short to gift to family to rest to peace to heart to healing is a compromise. This is a beautiful poem of joy that brings me comfort this morning. Great job in maneuvering around the format and offering a wonderful gratitude poem.

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    • Thanks so much, Carol. There really is a multilayered burst of gratitude in each line. I am glad to know they brought you comfort. As to the format: It’s challenging to start and finish so I did the beginning and ending first – I’ve discovered that the in-between will often gather momentum and hit a stride of its own, living up to its name. A blitz doesn’t always work; it won’t be forced. Thank you especially for seizing “healing is a compromise” – I think that is my favorite line.

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