I taught him how.

When I was about fourteen.

He was so enthusiastic.

Of course, I had to lean over a bit.

It was hard for him to jump that high, with those short little legs.

“Kiss?” I would say.

And he would try. He’d jump for all he was worth, with joy.

He was my first dog. I named him Onyx. Onnie for short.
He and his brother Bagel (named for Barry Manilow’s dog) were born across the street from my childhood home.
Daddy said we could NOT have any of those puppies.

We got them anyway.
Onyx startled me the first time he jumped high enough to “kiss” me.
Then he learned the command. It was his favorite way of greeting.
It is his word.


The annual Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers is underway, meaning that I am posting every day in the month of March. This marks my fifth consecutive year and I’m experimenting with an abecedarian approachOn Day 11, I am writing around a word beginning with letter k.

25 thoughts on “Kiss

  1. Awe Fran, both of you are adorable! A sweet tribute to Onyx/Onnie. What a loving and fun way to be greeted. You look tall; he did have a long way to jump. I love “Daddy said we could NOT have any of those puppies. We got them anyway.” I remember when I had big glasses, too. My parents last cat was named Onyx; I nicknamed him Onnieboy. Thank you for sharing this slice of Onyx and fourteen-year-old you. So cute.

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  2. When I read the first line, I immediately thought, “Huh, I guess I should write about my first kiss one day too! Cool topic!” LOL. I love this. How adorable!

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  3. I had to chuckle to myself when it was revealed who you were teaching to to kiss as a fourteen-year-old. I see an affinity to a certain breed of dog throughout your life. What a sweet fellow, but I have to say Henry is my favorite (so far). πŸ™‚

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    • Affinity confessed. Counting Onyx and Bagel (who was a longhaired tricolor), I’ve had four dachshunds. Nikolaus was red and we had him from the time my youngest was four until he was twenty. Dennis (cream) is our current one. Henry is my oldest’s rescue dog (Pit) and he IS the best – so gentle and dear, sweet, with a certain dignity. The most loving dog of them all. He may make an appearance in this challenge – we’ll see! Thank you, Elsie, for your words and the dog love. πŸ™‚

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  4. That is ONE SWEET POOCH. There’s something about a childhood dog. One that you get when you’re not too old, or not too young. Just the right age to form just the right bond. Love. (And YES. I do notice that beautiful long hair, Fran!)

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    • I was playing around with “k” words when “kiss” came to mind – and suddenly I saw Onyx jumping to give a kiss when I said the word, which always made people laugh. I felt I owed it to him, somehow… and then it was too fun to set up. Thanks, Trina!

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