Habit acrostic

with thanks to Ruth Ayres at SOS – Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog, for reiterating this truth: “Habit is essential for writers. If we develop a habit that allows us to enter into writing, then we will write more often.” She encourages the “magic” community to pay attention to the routines that make blog writing happen.

I am a morning writer. I love the rich, dark silence of the sleeping world around me, the freedom to hear my own uncluttered thoughts, the anticipation of gifts from the burgeoning day. I love the neighbor’s rooster, how his loud crowing wafts through the stillness; there are a few roosters in this neighborhood and sometimes they echo each other in a chorus of wild, rustic, joyful aliveness. It is a song of my soul. For a second, I have a sense of my young grandfather a hundred years ago, preparing for his farm chores, walking the fertile land he cultivated and loved all of his life, as darkness turns to light.

And so I write.

An acrostic, for Day Sixteen of National Poetry Month

Are these moments
Before the dawn
Immersed in words
The breathings of my being

If you are looking to write more or to develop a blogging habit, consider joining the vibrant community
at SOS – Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog.

21 thoughts on “Habit acrostic

  1. Oh Fran, this is just lovely. Your introduction is gorgeous. A prose poem actually. I have sometimes tried to write prose before I get to the poem and so you reminded me to try this. Years and years ago when I was younger I would write so easily and with better flow …..now it takes more thought but maybe I am listening to that critic voice too soon. My girlfriend is a wonderful writer and she gets up and writes from 4 -6 am of course she is in bad by 8 usually!! I have a chaotic schedule these days so I grab the moments I can but the habit which I am enforcing on myself this month I hope to continue because the flow seems to be returning. Now if I would just begin a blog. I am going to come back to your blog for inspiration!


    • I am honored that you would draw inspiration from my blog, Janet – that is a gift of this day! Thank you for your heartening reply – and oh yes, that flow can be so, so evasive. The days it returns in full force are like miracles!


  2. This is just beautiful, Fran. I agree with Janet that your introduction is a poem in itself. I also love the morning for writing. For me it’s not a rooster, but a wren, who sings in the morning every day.


    • A little wren can sing with such a BIG voice! I have finches in a nest here on the front door wreath – they are happy little songbirds with FIVE eggs – two have hatched! There’s a poem for the hatching in that, as well. Thank you, Rose.


  3. You’ve put me right there, in this moment of calm, of clarity, of collection. And I love the way you invoke the memory of your grandfather, picturing him in that same pre-dawn time, and the way you manage to both convey the wild joy of the roosters with the tranquility of a world still asleep. Loved it. You’re also inspiring me to think more about the habits I might develop as a writer…


  4. Oh…how i love imagining this, ” have a sense of my young grandfather a hundred years ago, preparing for his farm chores, walking the fertile land he cultivated and loved all of his life, as darkness turns to light.” Too beautiful even for words… morning brings light, and so do your words. XO

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