Decima poem debut

On the Ethical ELA Open Write for Educators today, Mo Daley invites poets to try the decima. Originating in Spain, the form is comprised of ten-line stanzas, eight syllables each, with the rhyme scheme ABBAACCDDC.

These poems typically go on for forty stanzas. I’ve managed only one!

Here’s my decima debut, as well as far more important debut…

First Poem for My Granddaughter, Micah (Whose Name Means “Who is Like God?”)

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  —Matthew 6:33

Three things he said he’d never do:
marry, have a child, start preaching
like his dad, all the while reaching
out for what is solid and true.
God brought your mother. And now you,
Beloved One, coming this fall.
Blessing and fruition of all
my boy always longed for, despite
his fears. Now with tears of delight
he embraces his Father-call.

Franna loves you so much already, Baby Girl.

2 thoughts on “Decima poem debut

  1. Oh I love this. Welcome, Micah. I think you have conquered this form. I am going to take a course in writing by following your blog when I have time and writing the prompts. Thank you, Fran, for always inspiring me. Franna, a wonderful wonderful name. I was at one point Brumma Janet Clare but now am Grandma and ‘Amma. Our little guy leaves off initial sounds and they are working on that. But he is growing and he is a love.

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    • Love that you would use my poems as model, Janet – please do, it makes me glad I shared them. The decima was a fun challenge. Cute Grandma names-! I confess that I adore ‘Franna.’ I cannot wait to see this little Micah. She’s very active and will be here in maybe 12 weeks! I am sure I will not be focused on much else for a bit when she arrives!


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