7 thoughts on “Superhero sister

  1. Oh I love this and your poems. And your granddaughter. I think she will be an amazing superhero big sister. I think when they are closer in age and young there is sometimes so much love tinged with “jealousy/loss” in regard to less attention from beloved Mommy who just can’t keep it the same, that it is not always roses. Then things change as they grow and learn to negotiate a different situation. But always good to learn to love more and share more and grow more. They are lucky you are close. PS I am absolutely wild about newborns, always have been.


  2. Fran, what a way to build family spirit and sisterhood! All too often the focus is on the newborn (which is why I closed myself in a drawer when my baby brother was born) – but this puts a great emphasis on the importance of a big sister. I love how you did this, complete with cape and heroism! You win the Franna day!

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    • I have not forgotten that poem about you hiding in a drawer when your baby brother came home, Kim! And how you felt as “your” grandmother held your baby brother. My own crusade: don’t let this happen! My granddaughter stayed with me on the night her baby sister was born. We had a “happy birth day” celebration complete with banners and matching pjs. She’s also wearing a “Super Big Sister” medal in the photo – and definitely living up to her superhero role ❤


  3. There’s so much about this that makes me smile. Yes, of course I love the poetic structure you chose. Your granddaughter is every single one of those things. But look! That knowing smile. The confidence in the superhero pose. Those sweet, sweet, sunflower pajamas. All of it. Just…wonderful.

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    • She is confident! I might add that we have matching sunflower pajamas, which we wore on the night her baby sister was born – part of our “happy birth day” celebration. She IS a superhero, a champion, wonder…at five she’s announced that she wants to be a neuroscientist when she grows up – in her words, “like the Jeopardy host” (Mayim Bialik). I shall be happy just to hang onto a corner of her cape as she flies ❤


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