Flower pajamas

Evening, near eight o’clock.

My phone vibrates.

A text from my son.

No, wait… from my granddaughter, age six.

She types her name with a colon so I know who’s sending the message.

Scout: are you wearing your flower PJ’s?

(Backstory: She stayed with me on the night her baby sister Micah was born. I got us matching pajamas as part of our celebration).

(Me) Hi, Scouty ❤ ❤ No, I am wearing my cardinal nightgown and leggings and housecoat because I am cold!

Scout: cuz I am wearing my flower pjs….

(Me) Aww. I will go put mine on.

Scout: OKAY [with sunflower emoji]

(Me) Love you, Scoutaroni

Scout: Love you too good night ❤ ❤

(Me) Good night! [many heart emojis]

—It is a very good night. ❤

Franna loves you, sunflower girl


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in the month of March.

28 thoughts on “Flower pajamas

  1. Hearing this is so sweet. I love the nicknames and the love shining through your voices. You’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy like I’m part of your PJ party. Thank you for sharing this joy and your inspiration. I was just thinking it almost sounds like a chapter book…

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  2. This is such a heartwarming slice. I can tell she’s always thinking about you – she admires you and wants to be just like you. She wonders about you and what you are doing. You have a place of honor in her heart, and she is one blessed child to have a world of people who love her. Isn’t it funny that the little things we do – like matching pajamas on a red letter day – leave such a lasting impression and make the best memories? She will always hold these moments near all of her life. And when she is a grandmother, she will do all the meaningful things because someone very special to her showed her how!

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    • Thank you, Aggie – we have marvelous times together. Her mom said chose the name long ago when she was in 7th grade, reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Our Scout is an amazing reader, just like Scout Finch. In fact – she is much like her namesake.

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  3. Well. If this doesn’t fill my heart to brimming, I don’t know what would. What I love about your relationship with Scout is that you know that the little things are big things. They’re everything, actually. Which is why she is secure and comfortable enough to bring you these beautiful moments.

    Love, love, LOVE.


  4. Fran, I love this poem slice. It is exciting that you receive texts from Scout. I can’t wait for Sierra to do that. I am intrigued that your conversation revolved around PJs. That is a topic that Sierra and I love to talk about. On St, Patrick’s Day, the family came over for dinner (Aurora was already with me since I was Grandma sitting). I did not know that they were all sleeping over and then going skiing the next day. I pulled out a pair of pjs for Sierra which we call cozies and she was thrilled. I love the photo of you and Scout. Did you use Prsma to create your digital photo?

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