Another roll of metaphor dice

Today on Ethical ELA Stefani Boutelier invites teacher-poets to roll Metaphor Dice, originally created by Taylor Mali for composing poems with students.

I’ve written a few poems based on Metaphor Dice:

Your Ego is a Feckless Maelstrom

Junkyard Loss Is Not Elusive

Guilt Is a Stingy Odyssey

Here’s where today’s roll landed me…

Wearer Beware

seel (as defined by

 1. Falconry. to sew shut (the eyes of a falcon) during parts of its training.

 2. Archaic.

  1. to close (the eyes).
  2. to blind.

Bias is a capricious gauntlet 
a gloved hand
infinitely unwieldy 
but nevertheless employed
in stitching closed the eyes
in beckoning talons
begging the question
of rapture in the raptor
of rupture in the captor
over eviscerating prey
which is to say
once worn with intent
to destroy
the capricious gauntlet of bias
may turn, of its own accord,
to reach instead
for one’s own throat

beware the taking up
and the throwing down

Thunder Comes To Gauntlet. stanlupo. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Another roll of metaphor dice

  1. Such a potent extended metaphor! Plus, I relish wordplay when done well, as you do: “of rapture in the raptor / of rupture in the captor / over eviscerating prey…” It all uncovers a kind of intellectual violence in bias.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul, thank you for these words! I adore great wordplay also. When these words came together it felt a bit magical. There IS an intellectual violence in bias, until we learn to stop being blind (or trying to blind) and see… I have been playing with poem titles since the writing of these metaphors, as I’ve learned that titles should be made to do more work. Thank you again for your keen insight.


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