It’s a fascinating word.


Objets jetés à la mer. Objects thrown into the sea, deliberately, to “lighten a ship in peril.”

Not like flotsam, the stuff that floats up from a shipwreck.

The dictionary entry beneath jetsam is jettison, the actual throwing.

Proactive words for survival…

Journey on, striving to jettison
The fears, the weight, the despair, and wait
Somewhere just ahead—and within—it’s there
A stillness
Made manifest in letting go

Photo: Stuart Childs. CC BY

2 thoughts on “Jetsam

  1. Love this poem and the lines: A stillness/ Made manifest in letting go. “Flotsam and Jetsam” is the 2nd chapter in Tolkien’s Two Towers. I love David Wiesner’s picture book, Flotsam. And there is a book series called Flotsam and Jetsam, too! I love the idea of floating and letting go. That is why gave us SUMMER!

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    • What we would we do without summer, Joanne? Most of my favorite childhood memories occurred in summertime. Thank you for these references also – flotsam and jetsam are mighty concepts.


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