5 thoughts on “In the treetops

  1. Fran, what an adorable doll! I love her hair. I can see she’s getting older. I love your voice in this poem, how you talk to your granddaughter. I imagine when she’s older, you will read this poem to her. Beautiful images, beautiful poem, beautiful granddaughter. Thank you for sharing your joy and inspiration.

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  2. As usual, your verse is so artful and so touching. The haiku stanzas suit the imagery so well.

    Incidentally, one of my earliest memories–my brother was not yet born and it was spring, so I had just turned two–is one of my father carrying me and showing me the leaves of what I would later learn was a maple tree. I had never touched a leaf before, and I became frightened and started to cry. I can still hear his voice as he cheerfully and gently said, “Scaredy cat…”

    Thank you for evoking that memory by sharing your experience with your beautiful granddaughter.

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