Play-Doh poem

If you didn’t know, yesterday was National Play-Doh Day. Thanks to Denise Krebs for mentioning this when she encouraged Open Write participants to pen an ode to a childhood on Ethical ELA…

It smelled so good
so clean
it tasted so terrible
saltier than seawater
it only came in four colors
back in the day:
which wasn’t really red
but more of a hot pink
that made a lovely shade
of orange when I mixed it
with yellow
to make a beak
to fit my bright bluebird
with the little yellow nest
full of tiny white eggs
all of which I placed
on the air vent to dry
in the effort to keep them
and love them

KENNER :’I can make anything with Play-Doh.’ (1974 )tOkKa. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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