The blessing

My Dear Firstborn,

You were always the Lord’s.

I rejoice

that His divine purposes
cannot be thwarted

that your preacher-father
lived to see this day

that your first daughter
sitting beside me
as you receive your
Master of Divinity
is the same age you were
sitting beside me
when your father
received his

and completion

in an endless
spiral of blessing
that flows on
and on
and on.

You have always
been my joy,
baby boy.

With love
and gratitude
and awe
at the divine work
of the Master


3 thoughts on “The blessing

    • This milestone was a long time coming, Tim; this was a boy who said he’d never be a pastor, get married, or have children….lots more story here. Thank you so much for your gracious words!


      • I’m glad his story has brought him to this place, and I pray his ministry to his family, those around him, and his community is a blessing to many. I’m glad his mother was there alongside his preacher-father to see this.


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