December 12th

Eighty-six years ago
they married

during the Great Depression
with war on the rise

they meant for the ceremony
to be in September
but he had the mumps

so the wedding occurred
on the twelfth of December
before the justice of the peace

she wore a blue suit

on the day after Christmas
she turned twenty-one

Every December after
he gave her
a red poinsettia

he knew
how much she loved them

Across the decades
she’d jest about
having nothing
to look forward to
the rest of the year

with her anniversary
and birthday all
in the same month

for her
was pure delight

of Light
and life

In the last years
when he was gone
I gave her
a red poinsettia
during the season

for the sight
of her face alight
blue eyes bright

Someone else gave her
a silk poinsettia
after she went into
the nursing home

once when I visited
she was watering it

We did not know
all those years ago
that their wedding anniversary
would become
National Poinsettia Day

I just learned it

how she’d love it

just another sign
that love is divine
and lives on and on
and on

My grandparents, on my first Christmas.
Love lives on.

Photo: National Day Calendar

5 thoughts on “December 12th

  1. What a special story to hold near! I give poinsettias to my husband’s mother and godmother. This year I ordered them from a fundraiser and they are particularly gorgeous and full.

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    • The poinsettias in our church this year are gorgeous as well. Grandma died the day before Christmas Eve – I knew it would be in December; it was, after all, her month – and the tiny country church was decorated with poinsettias. I asked for Silent Night to be played, as it was her favorite Christmas song. It was perfect.

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    • I write of my grandparents – Grandma especially – with a profound sense of gratitude. Their faith was pure and real, as was their commitment to each other and to their family. I wear Grandma’s wedding band with my own every day. Love does not die ❤


  2. Fran, I’m catching up on some blog reading and this is so beautiful, the way you weave the dates and show the significance of dates as celebrations to carry on tradition. Another shade of Ruby shining through the years!


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