with phone app revelations
in the star-studded sky
and even straight through
the ground
to the other side
of Earth

satellite after satellite
and occasional
rocket bodies
littering space

for just a second
everything pales
in a stab of wild imagining

what if
they’re not all ours

Photos of my SkyView app looking beyond the other side of Earth tonight
to the constellation Virgo.

Note how long these particular rocket bodies have been in space.

5 thoughts on “Spacecraft

  1. Wow! I love how your poem builds up to that last probing question “What if / they’re not all ours?” I often think that there are other civilizations besides ours in the universe. On Earth there are so many signs of air crafts that are not explainable. I love those photos your sky view app makes. Virgo is my horoscope sign. I love looking at the stars and finding constellations. At certain times we can see Orion’s belt and other parts of him. When my daughters were in 6th grade, they both had the best science teacher! She had us sign up our phone #’s to receive phone calls about what you could find in the sky on certain nights. One time Venus was so close; it was amazing. I wonder if the call were from NASA? I loved receiving them. Thank you for sharing your poem and inspiration.

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    • That science teachers sounds amazing – I always wanted to recognize stars and constellations. I took an astronomy course in college – the university had a planetarium – but at the time I found it too technical and focused on a lot of other things that didn’t have anything to do with what I wanted to learn, including complex formulas. I wonder if I would enjoy it better now. The planets are stunning every night this month; even without a device you can easily pick out Mars, Jupiter. and Saturn. The app adds a lot, though! Thank you as always for your thoughts.


    • The planets are so bright throughout December – I’m in awe of them, and the apps have truly become a new obsession. I was startled – no pun intended – to find so many rocket bodies and even the Hubble telescope. I also read on the NASA site that there’s over 27,000 pieces of orbital debris or “space junk” being tracked by the Department of Defense…plus much more too small to be tracked. That’s human-made objects no longer in use or fragments for collisions. Absolutely staggering. With all that trash we’ve put up there (we can’t clean it up, right?)- it would be easy for something Other to be out there in the midst. Just saying.

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