Exploring mysteries

Imagine my recent astonishment on sitting down to compose a blog post and finding a question already typed into the empty template…I wrote about this occurrence in The question.

Every day since, a new question has appeared in my empty post template, as if my Muse has suddenly taken control of WordPress. Some magic or benevolent ghost is surely at work here…thank you, whoever and whatever you are. I am compiling your daily questions for future use. I shall respond to today’s: “What skills or lessons have you learned recently?”

I am learning, Oracle-esque Blog, even as I write this post with a dozen windows open behind it, how to operate a Dobsonian reflector telescope.

Here’s why:

December nights
Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
shine bright


Mere mortal
made of stardust

(for all humans are)

—come and see
our infinite mystery

And so I must
before my temporal self

sleeps in Earth’s crust

Stay tuned on this astronomical adventure, friends…

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