1. comic verse composed in irregular rhythm.
    “doggerel verses”
    • verse or words that are badly written or expressed.
      “the last stanza deteriorates into doggerel”


Time for a nap
time to recharge
if only for a bit
on a teeny-tiny pillow
that ain’t a good fit

this is what comes
of living large

My son’s dog, Henry. Well-spoiled.
A master of making himself look “pitemous,” as you can see.


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge
and to you, Dear Reader, for enduring this bit
of doggerel.

17 thoughts on “Doggerel

  1. A doggerel. How have I not known of this poem with my love of all things canine? Living large on a sofa is the ticket! Henry has it all figured out. I marvel at the way dogs express their sense of belonging at times. Our Ollie will trick his brothers out of the prime seat just so he can have it. It looks like Henry has claimed his throne here. He’s a cutie. His eyes say it all.

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  2. Henry looks like a good boy who needs a bigger bed. Maybe the one in the main bedroom would suit him better. I, like kim, did not know “doggerel” as poem form. Now my mind is spinning w/ possibilities.

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  3. Henry? Where’s Dennis? I think you need to write a Doggerel for Dennis too! I love that photo and poem about Henry. I love how he has curled himself small to try to get every inch of himself of that pillow. Creature Comforts! Thanks, Fran!

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  4. Doggerel is ironic here, since I don’t think this badly written at all. I’m thinking that I need a new word like doggerose or doggonelong for my poorly written longer writing about my dogs. I’ve taken so many pictures of our guest dog these past two weeks. I have a slice in the bank for tomorrow that will qualify as extended doggerel. Thanks for the beautiful eyes this morning.

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  5. Fran, sweet little vocab lesson for us today! I love Henry looking so pitemous. Your poem is fun, doggerel, yes–a comic verse in irregular rhythm. Fun.

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