And so it came to pass

that the little blue eggs

in the perfect wee nest

atop the grapevine wreath

hanging on my front door

while it is yet winter


My early brood of house finch nestlings, a day or two old.
It’s possible some were hatching during Sunday’s snow.


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge

14 thoughts on “Nestlings

    • The finches nested earlier than usual this year, Joanne – late February. Makes me wonder: Will there be multiple broods? Watching all of this unfold never ceases to fill me with awe…especially how they’ve been undeterred by the cold. Birds know what they’re doing.

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  1. Fran, the day we’ve been waiting for! Aren’t they the cutest??? A poem is a perfect birth announcement for these babies! And I love how your first line took me to the City of David too – and then right to your front door. They are adorable. I feel like we should have a bird baby shower. Congratulations. Fincha-Franna!

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    • I am ever the proud and awed finch-Franna, Kim! As far as I can tell, there are four babies. I missed the actual hatching as it’s been so cold and I didn’t want to disturb the sitting mother. I snapped this one photo as quick as a wink while she was out of the nest yesterday afternoon. I have been worried about this early brood in the below-freezing temperatures, the temperamental March wind, the bit of snow…yet, why? These creatures know exactly what they are doing, and I marvel all the more.


  2. Hi Fran, What a stunning post! My computer blocks photos but I had to see this one. So, I read your post on my phone so I could get the full effect. Where do you live? I live in central Massachusetts, above 1,000 feet elevation, and snow is pummeling us right now. The chairs are rocking by themselves in the wind and snow is plastered onto the northern side of our kissing balls. I hope that your finches are not weathering this storm.

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    • Hi, Kate- what a blizzard you’re all getting, up north! Just saw scenes on the news. I am in central North Carolina and we hadn’t had any snow until Sunday; it was beautiful, light, and short-lived. Temperatures are cold, with freeze warnings for the next week. The photo doesn’t quite convey the smallness of the nest and the babies – such a wonder to me! I don’t recall a brood in such cold before.


    • A baby bird shower makes me smile…whatever would we get the finches?? Strewn seeds, maybe…they’re vegetarians. Food for thought (lol). The mess…for a while it’s not bad, actually. There’s telltale grapevine twigs tossed on my porch during nest construction, and the “diaper duty” is contained to the rim of the nest. So. Not a lot of mess in the old wreath or the porch floor – only where the nest leans agains the house, which comes off with a little scrub after nesting season. They’re not like…pigeons, for example….


  3. I love love love that you have nestlings so often during March. I can’t believe they might have hatched as it snowed. Your opening line, “And so it came to pass” really emphasizes the miracle in front of us.

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