Pursuing knowledge

During the sermon she bends over her notepad, writing down unfamiliar words so she can look up their meanings later:

These are my oldest granddaughter’s notes while listening to my son preaching.

She is seven years old.

In a word: awe.


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge

and to my daughter-in-law
for sharing the photo and the story behind it

14 thoughts on “Pursuing knowledge

  1. Wow! She sounds out her words and spells like a much older child. She’s taking after you. I love how interested she is in learning these words at seven years old. Your son, who is preaching is her father, right? I’m absolutely in awe. Thank you for sharing, inspiring and spreading joy. đŸ™‚

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    • Yes, my son is her stepdad – they are very close. She’s been read to ever since she was tiny and has always loved books. I recall reading a favorite Curious George book to her over and over when she was three ,and she was trying to sound words out then. Suddenly, one day, she was reading. I credit her amazing mom most of all!


  2. She has a natural sense for spelling! This girl is after my own heart. And it shows she is paying attention to what she knows and what she doesn’t know in the context of what she does know. She didn’t just arbitrarily pick some lame words, she tried to use inference, but nothing was assumed about the meaning since she wants to get it right. What a great kid!!

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    • Love how you incorporated her words in your response, Kim! I love how she takes charge of her own learning – a true student of life. She’s an avid reader… so, yes, a girl after my own heart also. Plus, she’s hilarious! She’s an absolute gift.


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