Your one wild and precious life

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

—Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”

Dennis the dachshund’s advice for life:

Sleep often and late. Use many blankets.

Comfort the sick. Be a constant presence.

Every day is good for blue jeans (fresh from the dryer, preferably).

Play with children as often as possible.
(Left: Scout, age 4, Dennis, 7 weeks. Right: Dennis, age 3, Scout, age 7)

Whatever it is you want, give it your best shot. Never give up!


dedicated with love to Joanne Emery, who’s been asking about Dennis

& with thanks to:

poet Mary Oliver, who loved dogs

Two Writing Teachers, for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge

and Dennis, for brightening my every day with his wild and precious life

15 thoughts on “Your one wild and precious life

  1. DENNIS! I wish there was a LOVE button instead of just a like button. Thank you, Fran for the photos, captions, and dedication. The photos of Dennis with Scout are precious. That Mary Oliver quote is painted onto my office wall! How did you know? I think I need a Dachshund and those cardinal-printed sheets! Thanks again for the dose of Dennis!

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    • He’s a rascal and a joy, ever-present, having to be right in the middle of EVERY SINGLE THING we are doing. Insatiable curiosity! He loves nothing more than being in a lap. The Oliver quote – did I know that was in your office?? If I did, I cannot recall…but it’s one more bit of awe, how these things come together in writing! The sheets are flannel and I may keep using them even in summer, as it gets cold with AC running, and Dennis must be kept cozy, by all means…and you are most welcome. Thank you for asking about Dennis – he deserves his turn!


  2. Dennis melts my heart. He clearly, clearly loves his people. And his people CLEARLY, clearly love him. God knew this world needed dogs – – that dogs could do for the human heart what no human could ever do for the human heart. That unconditional love, and total dependence on us – – those eyes asking for treats. He is genuine, and I can tell he’s quite serious about those treats. Thank you for sharing the pictures of him today! And Scout is a beauty. Love the time lapse pictures.

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  3. You know you rocked the post when an avowed cat lover loves your dog post! Dennis’ advice is spot on. My favorite : Play with children as often as possible. Hoping for some time at the park this pm with the grands.

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