Graze academy

Once upon a time,
there lived a miniature horse
named Man-Man.

Like Mary’s little lamb,
Man-Man went to school one day
to make the children laugh and play

(actually, they had to sit nicely and learn
about Man-Man, after which
they were allowed to pet him).

Oh, he is so soft! the children said.
Oh, we wish we could keep him!
We love you, Man-Man!

Man-Man took all this in stride
while he patiently eyed
all the fresh green grass
on the school grounds.

I wonder, thought Man-Man,
if I might stay awhile
and take my fill
of this delicious stuff?

Oh, Man-Man,
miniature horse,
of course
you can can.

Here’s looking at you, kids


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge
and to Man-Man