Graze academy

Once upon a time,
there lived a miniature horse
named Man-Man.

Like Mary’s little lamb,
Man-Man went to school one day
to make the children laugh and play

(actually, they had to sit nicely and learn
about Man-Man, after which
they were allowed to pet him).

Oh, he is so soft! the children said.
Oh, we wish we could keep him!
We love you, Man-Man!

Man-Man took all this in stride
while he patiently eyed
all the fresh green grass
on the school grounds.

I wonder, thought Man-Man,
if I might stay awhile
and take my fill
of this delicious stuff?

Oh, Man-Man,
miniature horse,
of course
you can can.

Here’s looking at you, kids


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge
and to Man-Man

14 thoughts on “Graze academy

  1. Hi Fran,
    Glenda told me about your blog at the Slice of Life Meet Up on Sunday, and when I saw your pitch I knew I had to check it out. Unfortunately, my work computer blocks all the photos, which is super annoying. But, I love Man-Man’s personification. Even more than that, I love the truth he speaks. I mean who doesn’t look outside a school window and wish they were outside instead of inside at times? Thanks for the wonderful poem.

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  2. Fran, Man-Man is a cutie! I wouldn’t be able to get any other work done except for loving on Man-man! What a sweet animal – and I am convinced that we would have students with greater empathy and kinder hearts if we allowed them more time caring for animals. This one is a real charmer, I can tell. I love your photos – – they add so much to show his personality!

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    • He is the sweetest thing, Kim! You wouldn’t believe how soft his glorious mane is! You’re so right about kids needing to care for animals and the link to empathy and kindness. The world needs so much more of it…


  3. This reads like a picture book to me! “Oh, Man-man/ of course you can can.” What a fun conclusion, and one that would spark joyous discussion in my story castle. I may just have to share this one with my littlest scholars in the library during poetry month, Fran.


  4. I love this title. And I love the last line. And wish I could have been in school to meet Man-man. He’s the size horse I could appreciate. In general, I am two with horses. (I know it’s not politically correct, but that’s one of my favorite Woody Allen lines, though he said it about nature).


  5. Oh what a gorgeous little horse (interesting name too!). No wonder the kids loved him. You’re right that animals should form an important part of a child’s education. We have a well-loved dog and cat at our school in India.


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