The angel’s pedicure


My son, the Cadillac man, and I stand looking at the angel statue.

Specifically at her pink toenail polish.

“Really?” he says in disgust. “Painted toenails?”

I giggle. “I know! How many depictions of angels have you seen with painted toenails?”

He shakes his head. “I’ve never seen an angel with feet.”

I start to laugh, but . . . the way he says that . . .

He turns, walks off in his unassuming, old-soul way. I watch him go, wondering.

I said depictions.

He said he’d never seen an angel with feet.

Not that he’d never seen an angel.

15 thoughts on “The angel’s pedicure

  1. Now I’m wondering if you followed up this post with a discussion on angels with Cadillac man. It comes up at least once a year in my family. Oh, and my favorite angel book? Angel Fire by Andrew M. Greeley.

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  2. You have done such a good job of exposing a variety of thoughts here. So much to consider as I determine where I stand on these subjects – pedicures? angel feet? angels? Thank you for sharing this insightful conversation.

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