September 1st

Morning glory

Morning glory. Toshiyuki IMAICC BY-SA

 In the half-light

the barest fog

wisps about the trees

silhouetted against

a colorless sky.

The stars have gone.

Stillness but not silence

just the faintest thrum

of summer symphony

by insects of the night.

The last long encore.

Cool expectant breath

of the dawn

before day is fully awake

like the rooster nearby

with his rusty, lusty cry.

Circadian rhythm. All is well, is well.

I stand

under the haloed half-moon

drinking in the glory

of life

 even in its transitions.

Even in

farewell, farewell, farewell.

8 thoughts on “September 1st

    • I am amazed by the depth of your connection to the poem, Lee Ann, as later that morning, even as these lines solidified in my mind, my brother-in-law died after a lingering illness. Thank you for sharing this deeply moving image in your own heart. I celebrate your father’s life & love with you. Glory shines on.


  1. I was drawn to your “haloed half-moon”. Thank you for the moment of stillness and peace before my harried day begins; my condolences on your brother-in-law’s passing. May he be at peace.

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  2. That expectant breath of the dawn before the day wakes up. I love that sound. I crave it on mornings when I’m too busy to notice it. Sorry to read of your loss. Poetry can help and heal and comfort.

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