A word for 2019

A friend gave me a treasure box of gifts for Christmas.

One of the items in it was this gilded 2019 planner.

I already have a (rather large) daily planner for mapping out my workdays—I write in pencil because, as I accommodate the teachers I support, the course of each day shifts constantly, and I make lots of notes. Part of living the coachly life. I’ve learned to embrace it.

So I look at this beautiful planner and think: How shall I use it?

I could give it away, except that don’t want to, it was given to me with love, and I have come to understand that things come to us for a reason. There’s a purpose for this little planner.

I look at it, shimmery and new, just like the year itself, lying before me.

Beckoning, almost.

I will use it for something personal, then.

Maybe for my writing. To map out a timeline, to hold myself accountable for completing things. Or perhaps as a bit of a notebook, recording new thoughts and ideas before they get away, before I have the chance to play with them and flesh them out. I could capture images until I have time to explore why they struck me and what they mean. I frequently use the notes app in my phone for this but the planner has more “space” for movement, for expression. Not to mention sketching. I could carry it with me, keep it by my bedside.

Or I might even be able to use the planner as a sort of manuscript style sheet. For I’ve lots of things that need to be written, rewritten, or simply finished.

However I slice it, then, the planner invites me to plan.

And to write.

And there’s my word for 2019.

It’s something I already do, that already defines me, so it seems superfluous, but it’s the word, the action, that calls to me most. With the greatest sense of urgency, tinged with excitement.


Here’s to your own unique adventure as the golden cover of 2019 opens.

Take it, live it, to the next level.

Treasures await.

And one of them is your story.

10 thoughts on “A word for 2019

  1. I enjoyed following your thoughts around this planner. I received an art journal from my husband and have made a plan to tape in scrap paper poems. I tend to write them, so why not save them? I wrote about it on my blog for Poetry Friday, a community you may consider joining. (https://reflectionsontheteche.com/2018/12/28/poetry-friday-scrap-paper-poetry/)

    I never considered using the word Write as a one little word, but I like it. It’s an action word, rather than a noun or adjective. I’m still thinking about my word for 2019.

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    • I went over and looked at your journal – stunning! You have such fabulous ideas. They always stir my soul.Thank you for inviting me to Poetry Friday – this is indeed something of interest to me. As for the one little word: Many clamored as possibilities in my head, and for some reason, most started with “re-” as in return, restore, recover, repair (will write on that specific word later) and even renaissance (!!). It occurred to me that the idea BEHIND all these words, driving them, was my approach to writing. I didn’t need the other words. I just need to write. Time grows ever shorter, as we know … the planner really solidified all this for me and “write” didn’t become my one word until I hit that very spot in the post. And there it was. I am interested to see how I am actually going to incorporate this planner – it is just too lovely to waste. Like time itself. Thank you and bless you, Margaret!

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  2. My that’s quite the planner, Fran. Last year I used a planner to keep track of my writing life and I plan on doing it again, noting deadlines, challenges, words-of-the-day, etc… Best of luck with yours. And my OLW last year was write, and write I did. Consider the torch officially passed! Happy New Year!

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  3. Write! I love how something that seemed almost extra prompted you to choose an action that seems almost too obvious. I love how an object has prompted you to an action. Thank you for sharing your thought process for this year’s OLW. Happy 2019!

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  4. I can’t wait to read some of the wonderful words you’ll pen in your new treasure, a shimmery, new, beckoning invitation. I’m still in search of my OLW, but love reading about the path others are taking to discover their word.

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