We put the cookies in the oven

and we wait.

Good things take a while.

Don’t they.

Like Christmas and growing up.

Like wedding days

and having children.

Like heart-dreams coming true.

Like you.

It took a long time.

I had to wait.

My little boy had to grow up

and finally find your Mom.

It took a while

didn’t it

for you to get your dad.

Know what he told me?

“Mom, you’re getting a little girl

at last.”

So much of life is waiting, waiting,

it’s true

like my long ago-dream

of you.

So many books to read

and stories to share

and songs to sing

and places to go

and just to be

you and me.

So we put the cookies in the oven

and oh, we can hardly wait.

6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. You are the queen of small moment writing, Fran. So much is woven into this piece–longing, and loving, and waiting. I pictured a time-funnel of sorts, all those hopes and dreams and experiences swirling around and coming together for this picture. Here’s to new hopes and dreams!

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  2. Waiting for dreams to come true is a magical part of life. This is another simple story composed poetically by you, Fran. I’ve read it several times to let my heart reach your heart happiness at the time you wrote this slice. I just got home from a state education conference and am happy to have read this. I am now ready to unpack peacefully.

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    • Delighted to know the post brought you peace tonight, Carol … the joy I felt while writing is almost too deep for words. Joy for my son, finding a beautiful and talented bride. Joy for their little family, joy over the profound way a three-year-old sees the world – that’s truly magical. Dreams can materialize more beautifully than we can imagine … all the joy springs from a well of gratitude. Thank you!


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