I had my first check-up for my broken foot.

“Ah,” said the orthopedist, displaying the X-rays, “this is excellent progress.”

I breathed a little more freely.

I knew it was better. I’d walked on it a little at home—just a little—without the boot, without pain, even though I wasn’t supposed to.

What concerned me most was … well … I am growing older. All I did was fall off of three garage steps and the bone just snapped.

Are my bones becoming fragile?

“It’s a common break,” said the tech. “What’s not common is the complete break. Usually it’s a fracture. Yours is a hurty one.”

“Yeah, it hurt plenty in the beginning,” I replied, “but not now. This progress means my bones are good and healthy, right?” Translation: I’m not decrepit, yet?

“They’re very good,” smiled the orthopedist. Who looks about fifteen.

He graduated me to an orthopedic shoe. But still no driving for four more weeks. State law says not while I require “medical equipment” on my gas foot.


But, I have good bones.

I examined them up on the screen. Marveled at how much the broken one had already knitted itself back together in just three weeks. Amazing how bones can even do that.

“That’s the best part of this particular field,” said the orthopedist. “Getting to watch people heal. Oh, and you can walk some in the house without the shoe. Movement stimulates bone growth.”

He looked at me knowingly.

I just smiled.

Walk to knit, knit to walk …

Rather meta of us, don’t you think, my little metatarsal.

11 thoughts on “Mending

  1. Best wishes for your recovery. Any injury past a certain age is typically cause to question the capacity of our whole system. Sounds like your systems are doing all the things they should be. I had to laugh at this line: “They’re very good,” smiled the orthopedist. Who looks about fifteen.” Just so real and funny! Step gently on your path to full recovery.

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  2. What an engaging slice from a not very engaging topic to do with broken bones! It must be tough not being able to do much physically for quite a while. I really didn’t know that movement stimulates bone growth, but yes, do take it easy! Love the ending!

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  3. It’s such good news that you are healing. A bone break is a concern as we get older because it often can be symptomatic of a bigger problem. I am post menopause so I have some bone loss. I had a scan this year and I’m holding steady. Be sure to get your vitamin D and Calcium.

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  4. Fran, it is remarkable how much your bone healed. I hope you rest and don’t overdo so the healing process continues. I am sure you must be jumping out of your boot during this spring forward day. Take care.

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  5. Hooray for the good news! And yes, bones are amazing, something we don’t really think about until something happens to them. I will have to ask my son if it’s okay to write about his bones, or rather, his extra ones…hmmmm. Or my husband, if it’s okay to mention the kerfuffle his former company got into over artificial hip joints. Once again, you’ve given me fodder for a slice; thanks!


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