Finding the fortune

Can’t recall when my family last had Chinese take-out. Don’t remember ever seeing this “fortune,” much less saving it.

Found it while doing extensive spring cleaning, otherwise known as pandemic purge. A bit of ephemeral prophecy, biding its time, waiting for the right moment to resurface:

We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.

That is all for today.

22 thoughts on “Finding the fortune

  1. Thank you for the name of my cleaning efforts. My boys will enjoy that. This weekend one said, ‘Mom, have you ever mopped the floor before?’ It was a fair question because I usually mop one room or spot mop here and there. This weekend was certainly much needed pandemic purge-one positive of no sporting events or events of any kind in the weekends. They are hoping I don’t get used to it.
    Also love this reminder and how it just ‘showed up’ with an important message. Thanks for sharing.

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    • LOL – happy to give you a name for your current extensive cleaning. Those boys-!! Mine are always comedians as well. I have been wanting time to do this so I am grateful. Yes… it was an ooooohhhh moment when that fortune reappeared (I swear I don’t remember it at all, which makes it more fascinating). Thank you for these comments and for making me smile!

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    • It’s becoming “realer” and stranger everyday; are we out of work for xx weeks? Are we going back sooner? Who knows? Finding the fortune made me remember that we’ve come through many things before; we will come through this, too.


  2. Oh, wow. Talk about a God-whisper, an angel-feather, kismet. Garth Brooks had a good analogy, too, in an interview on CBS News this evening–we grow stronger, go farther with more resistance, like an arrow shot from a bow. I needed this today, as this is the most discombobulated I have felt since the pandemic began.

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    • Interesting analogy with the arrow – I will have to watch that interview. I’ve been thinking about my grandmother’s stories of the Depression and WWII, with rations and so many supplies going to the war effort. They became known as the “greatest generation” for their ingenuity and perseverance – they persisted and found out who they were – like fortune says. It’s encouraging, thinking if they got through that, we can get through this; the duration will not be as long … and tomorrow will be a better day, Chris. It’s like riding waves in a troubled sea right now.

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