Dancing ghosts

A poem inspired by a neighbor’s decorations

I happened to glimpse them, in a ring
Holding hands, a curious thing
In the darkness, dancing there
Diaphanous beings, light as air
Small faces in gossamer veiling
Wispy arms fluttering, flailing
Maybe in mischief, maybe in glee
Luminous little spirits set free
…hallowed revenants of you and me,
The children that we used to be.


Just a little offering (shades of October? A bit of Octo-plasm?) for Poetry Friday.
Special thanks to Janice Scully at Salt City Verse for hosting the Roundup.

23 thoughts on “Dancing ghosts

  1. This is gorgeous, Fran, and especially lovely since it was inspired by your neighbor’s performing ghosts. You had a prime seat! Love the rhythm and that special ending!

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  2. Fran, sometimes are minds work silently in independent thought but together in spirit. I have been working on a septercet using the words specters, tomb, and cemetery. The picture prompt is a group of specters holding hands in a circle with robes waving in the wind. Sounds familiar. I enjoyed your poem with these images in particular: Diaphanous beings, Luminous little spirits, and hallowed revenants.” My poem does not include those words so I found a compare and contrast. Stay tuned for this edition of #Poemtober.

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  3. Nicely written…it’s such a light poem that looks easy. But, getting all the rhyme and meter right takes some work. And, you’ve done such a beautiful job. These ghosts dancing in a circle are delightful, not scary–such a great poem to “lift our spirits” these days.

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