The witch’s flight

Mixed media by Scout, age 4.

One purple Halloween night
the mean old witch took flight
on her broom, headed east
to find her favorite sugary feast.
The sloth is the witch’s pet,
up the tree, as high as he can get,
sleeping under the crescent moon
—”HAHAHAAAA!” cackles the witch,
“I’ll be back soon!”


poem collaboration by Scout and Franna, who wish you a Happy Halloween.
Scout says “Watch out for that witch.”

19 thoughts on “The witch’s flight

    • I loved Scout’s illustration and was utterly enchanted – I knew right then a poem was called for. When I asked her what was happening in her picture, she said the witch was flying east to steal candy and that the sloth is her pet. Fascinating! The collaboration was so much fun – Scout chose for it to rhyme and often overruled me, lol. The artist at work. 🙂

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    • I was so enraptured by Scout’s artwork – I thought it amazing for someone so young. We had great fun composing the poem together and the sloth seems to be a big hit with everyone. All in all, pure delight. Thanks, Mary Lee!


  1. You and Scout make a great team! I love the mixed media painting. I did one like this when I was 8 or so and won an art contest, the one and only art contest I ever won, but it still brings back fond memories.
    “The sloth is the witch’s pet” has the voice of Scout written all over it. Such a clever poem, too!

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    • Amazing how you picked out the line that is totally Scout’s own. She did tell me that the witch was flying east to steal candy, and she chose for the poem to rhyme. We had such fun playing with words to tell the story of her magnificent artwork (I just love it). I can imagine the glow even to this day, Margaret, of winning that art contest.

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  2. Fran, please tell Scout I love the mixed media illustration and the poem! The purple -blue-green stand out against the black! I like sloths and cackles. What fun you two had. Thank you for sharing. 🎃

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    • Thank you, Gail – when I saw her artwork I was floored by the color choices and by how good the whole scene is, for someone so young. She’s very creative and enjoyed co-composing the poem with me (she said the witch was flying east to steal candy and that the sloth was her pet, and liked adding “crescent” to describe the moon). You should hear her cackle -!! I ought to have recorded it for the post.


      • Fran, I would love to hear her cackle! How old is she? She is definitely creative! I noticed she colored or painted the whole paper, also. That is so cute that she said the witch was flying a certain direction and that it was stealing candy. She has a good imagination! I wonder what made her think of a sloth for a pet? Did she just learn what a sloth was so it’s on her mind, or…
        So glad you two had fun!

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  3. Fran, I am so glad that I found your Halloween fun project. Scout has an inventive mind and a flair for the dramatic. I never heard a sloth as a witch’s pet but there is always a first. Would you please ask Scout if I can add you work to my Abundant Autumn Haunted Poetomber Journey? I would love to showcase her work and have been looking for student writing. (How about some of your school’s students taking part next week?

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