She is sitting on my lap, scrolling on my phone.

—Franna, I want these.

—Ooooo, so pretty! I love those gloves.

—(nodding) Yes, and the crown. If I have them I will be SO fancy.

—(chuckling) Hmmm…I’ll see what I can do.

She adores being “fancy.” She’s adopted the word all on her own. I suspect Fancy Nancy books may have influenced this. Elsa in Frozen certainly has, hence the request for these particular ice-blue gloves and tiara—sorry, “crown,” my granddaughter declares. At four years of age, she can slink around the house like any haute couture fashion model, pausing with her face turned to one hiked little shoulder, eyes half-lidded…she can’t hold the pose for long, as the rest of us, her loyal subjects, dissolve with laughter.

Oh my, you are so fancy, we tell her.

Of course, she replies in her “fancy” voice, blinking slowly, before erupting in giggles and breaking her own spell.

The little package is waiting for her the next time she arrives.

No words for the magic on her face when she opens it, for the way she gingerly caresses the plastic pendant, as if it were the Hope Diamond. Within seconds she’s all decked out in her fancy finery. For the remainder of her visit, she walks with a regal air and won’t remove those gloves for anything except her breakfast of French toast.

I suspect she knows she’s the queen of our hearts.

One must be fancy even while helping to set up Christmas decorations.

In my humble opinion, the rest of the ensemble was necessary.


Inspired by SOS — Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. This week’s prompt was “fancy,” with this quote from Donald Miller: “Everybody wants to be someone fancy. Even if they’re just shy.” If you write or want to write just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

13 thoughts on “Fancy

  1. You captured that pose in words before I saw the photo. I adore how some girls love to dress up and dance. I wonder if my little Stella will. My girls had dress up parties and we still have a bin of dress up clothes waiting for the grandchildren to try on. I remember as a child loving a dress that would twirl. So fancy!

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    • My grandmother had a basket of clothes for dress-up; in it were a couple of my aunts’ old prom dresses, comprised of much tulle and rows of lace. I am sure the dresses were midi-length on my aunts, in the sixties style, but they reached the bony ankles of my elementary-age self. Ever so fancy. It will be such fun to see what Stella will do! I am so enjoying this vicarious journey.


  2. She is definitely the queen of your hearts! Living near enough to savor each encounter with this jewel is more precious than the Hope Diamond. I am so happy you can capture her essence to revisit these moments when she is all grown up.

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  3. my grand Sammy too continues her Fancy, now at 10… because I am me, didn’t exactly encourage the make-up part…but never the less her other grandma from the Delta did… XO…how did you do that cool thing with your photo?

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  4. Fran, your little granddaughter has the right flair to be a fancy little princess and the queen of all your hearts. She looks adorable. When my little Sierra was one we called the undergarment of her dress fancy pants and I am sure we will do the same with her little sister, Aurora. I just love the way little girls dress up for their fancy times. This will be a great memory when your little princess grows up.

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