Moose! by Dennis!

Dear Readers…as with children, what you do for one, you must do for the other, so…on the heels of yesterday’s airing of a grievance by Henry, another guest “pawthor” today

Not to be outdone by that Henry! Here’s me and my Moose!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my beyootiful Moose!

Won’t turn him loose! Try! Try! You can’t get my Moose, Moose, MOOSE!

I Moose Moose Moose….until I’m out of juice…

Zzzzzzzzzz…taking a snoose. With amoosing dreams.


The annual Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers is underway, 
meaning that I am posting every day in the month of March. 

This marks my fifth consecutive year.

About the Pawthor: Dennis the Dachshund is sixteen months old.
He belongs to my musician son and is named for Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys.

20 thoughts on “Moose! by Dennis!

  1. Dennis, it’s great to see you again. You are a delightful model and I love your rhyming voice. I completely understand you not wanting “to be outdone by that Henry!” Your “beyootiful Moose” is cute, but you are absolutely adorable. I wish you many “amoosing dreams.” I look forward to hearing from you again.

    Fran, another great dog voice and with rhyme! The photos of Dennis and Moose are so sweet. Thank you for sharing more fun and laughter.

    PS Can you please tell Henry that I’m sorry I didn’t tell him he is adorable, also.

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    • Dennis and I thank you, Gail; he really is a wide-open, play-hard, sleep-hard little guy who carries that Moose around like a toddler does a blanket. Crawls in our laps with it and often falls asleep on it. Henry forgives your oversight; your comment takes a SLIGHT edge off of his aggrieved spirit (lol!). So glad you enjoyed.


  2. Fran, my Schnoodle has this exact moose toy that he uses to play keep-away with us! And we formerly had two dachshunds,
    Chloe and Roxie. The Twilight Zine theme just keeps getting louder. I love how you used a series of photos and rhymed lines to show your baby living his best life. How do we have the same moose???

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    • Oh. My. Stars. It is like we are long-lost twins, separated at birth… for the record, I love The Twilight Zone and can lose myself in the marathons on SyFy. Do you have a favorite episode? Dare I ask??
      [cue: ‘Doodoodoodoodoodooodooo’…]


  3. My grand dog, Libby, a German Shepherd, loves her “congy” which she chews on and cuddles (yes, she really does), hides from us, and gives all her attention to. She and Dennis are kindred spirits.

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  4. I was giggling by the time I got to “snoose” and “amoosing”; how Seussian of you come up with your own vocabulary to suit the rhyme! Oh, how I miss my mini doxies warming my feet in bed…

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    • He really is bright, lively, full of curiosity and character. He’s currently the only dog at home, since Henry moved out with my oldest son when he married. Dennis is a major part of daily life here – but I miss Henry tremendously.


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