Bird sanctuary poem

A Golden Shovel poem in honor of the finches nesting on my front door, the miracle of new life, and faith. Reshared as a stand-alone from my April 1st Spiritual Journey post, in recognition of National Poetry Month. A Holy Week celebratory hymn based on the words of Christ: Behold, I am making all things new (Revelation 21:5, ESV).

I come to the sanctuary in the cool of the day to behold
these moments of Earth’s remembering, an altar call where I
respond, walking the greening aisle just as I am
to a fanfare of wingbeats and music-making.
Holy holy holy, I surrender all
in wordless doxology on the returning. Let all things
their Creator bless, with ancient morningsong, yet ever new

shared for Poetry Friday, with thanks to Mary Lee for hosting the Roundup

19 thoughts on “Bird sanctuary poem

  1. I felt moved by the blessings in your poem. The fanfare of wing beats, Holy, holy, holy and wordless doxology. New life in the nest, renewal for all Christian’s at Easter. What a beautiful sight at your door. Have you seen Donna Marie Merritt’s book of Bible poems? She is posting some on fb. You might like them.

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  2. Still getting my way through all the posts, Fran. That is so great that you have the nest so near. I love your special poem about it, you walking “to a fanfare of wingbeats and music-making”.

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  3. What a lovely gift of new life to find and celebrate with your poem. AT our old house we had birds that came back year after year to build a nest on the wreath on our front door. Our going in and out didn’t seem to bother them.

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    • I have to remind myself that as fragile as these creatures seem to be, they are quite capable and perfectly equipped to survive. It fascinates me how the finches choose to live in such close proximity to humans. A gift, indeed.


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