11 thoughts on “Vaccination poem

    • Thanks, Tim. Let me give kudos to my district for such an organized rollout on behalf of educators. Good thing my vaccinator told me to expect more of a reaction the second time; effects snuck up and smacked hard. Very flu-like. Today, much better. So glad it’s done. In the words of the immortal Timon and Pumbaa… hakuna-matata!

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      • Considering that I’m commenting on a post written from a sick bed, or at least a not-feeling-so-well chair, I just laughed way too loud and hard — hakuna matata, indeed!

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  1. Your poem shows a reality for so many. I was lucky that I only had that first time sore arm and could not lift it up but it didn’t last. Nothing for shot 2 blessedly. I will say a prayer that you will fee much better soon. I have to tell you that I am 72. So I have felt vulnerable. I think I am in good health. Most indications are I am but I have been petrified. I stayed close to home. Ordered in groceries or pick up for months. All the right moves, but lived in fear even though it slipped under the radar after a while. THEN after the two weeks post shot 2 and then 3, then 4 I could seriously feel the weight of the world lifting. I could go in a store and not fear I might die. It was a very good feeling and it showed me how I had kept too much of the fear and stress inside. I am wondering what we are going to be saying/thinking 2 or 3 years from now and hoping that we will not be faced with another Pandemic for a long long long time. Thank God for science to get these vaccines out so quickly. I think that is a very lucky thing. Yet I am still being vigilant and cautious in all I do. Glad you are better.
    Janet Clare (F.)

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    • Oh, Janet – there’s been so much to be anxious about; I can understand every bit. This pandemic has been exhausting on a number of levels. The daily endurance, the fear – they zap a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual strength. So glad your vaccinations went well with little adverse effect and that they have afforded you some peace of mind (yes, we all must remain wise also). I, too, wonder what we will think when we look back in the future… I so appreciate your words and well-wishes; I am much better now; just glad it’s done. My best to you!


  2. Feel better soon! I remember my son warning me that the second vaccine would “truck me.” It was an apt description. Here’s hoping you feel better soon.

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