Backwards poem: This day

I recently began experimenting with “backwards poetry,” in which you read the lines right to left as in the Hebrew and Arabic languages.

For Day Six of National Poetry Month, I am playing with these lines and where to break them most effectively. They’re fun to read left to right but remember, they’re intended to be read from right to left…which version do you like best?

The source of my inspiration follows.

Take #1:

each of end the
think day
this has what
brought day
what and me
I have
it given

Take #2:

day, each of end the
this has what think
what and me brought day
it given, I have

7 thoughts on “Backwards poem: This day

  1. LINE BREAKS. They are tricky little suckers, aren’t they? Done right, there’s so much intention and purpose. I think my brain had an easier time reading the first poem, and it read more like I thought a poem “should” sound. But the second poem kept tugging at my elbow, challenging me to try and hear those words differently. Guessing it depends on YOUR purpose, I suppose?

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    • This really works better if it is a poem of your own composing vs. a fortune from a cookie! But – I liked the message and symbolism, so… and: hope you will not mind if I put the link to my Slice here (I chose to share the one I wrote Monday as it’s a follow-up to my finches which I know you enjoyed reading about plus BIG NEWS)…<3

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