“Wire structure” poem

with thanks to Jennifer Jowett on #verslove at Ethical ELA today. Jennifer used the idea of wire structures and blind contour drawing to inspire today’s invitation to compose: “Today, trust the pathway of your words. Find a starting point and let the words take you where they want. You might find yourself meandering, stopping here and there to absorb, or moving quickly until you reach a finish. You might play with extensive enjambment to keep the eye moving continuously. Or you might try something else entirely. Your journey is yours to explore.”

Just this week, the opening line of this poem came to me. As did the last. I wrote them down so I could figure out what to do with them…then came today’s prompt. I dedicate this “wire structure poem” to children…young and grown…your interpretation is your own.

For Day Eighteen of National Poetry Month

Double Helix, Pulled Apart

by walls we didn’t make

by hearts we didn’t break

by paths we didn’t take

yet eternally connected

by blood we cannot take

by cords we cannot break

by history we cannot make




perhaps united in silent ache
that love will find
a way

Photo: Peter Alfred Hess. CC BY

4 thoughts on ““Wire structure” poem

  1. Another brilliant piece. All I can say is i wish my brain would take me on such a journey. Do your poems seems to come to you or do you do some tweaking and revising? You make it look easy. I am glad you wrote down the thoughts that became your first and last lines. I truly love this, Fran.

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  2. If only love COULD find a way. I’m thinking of your setup, Fran – it’s overwhelming to think of how deeply scattered and separated we are through problems that are of no creation of our own – and yet – they are still ours to own. I’ll be thinking of this poem for a long while…

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