“Secret connoisseur” poem

with thanks to Karen Workun who invited a quick write today for #verselove at Ethical ELA. The idea is to brainstorm “secret areas of expertise,” choosing one to spin into a poem.

This is dedicated to Dennis. Again.

For Day Twenty-Seven of National Poetry Month


they say
is an icy
enchanted region
where the
northern lights
in the sky
and where
the only official Santa
actually lives
but here
in my house
I am Lapland
to a ten-pound
who will NOT stop hopping
by my chair
until he successfully
springs into my lap
or until I scoop him up
whichever comes first
and where he settles in
to snooze
with blissful
surprisingly loud
for as long
as I’ll let him
which is usually
until my leg goes
completely numb
from his tiny deadweight
yet still I sit
his mighty warmth
like a recharging
of life
for the day
and should I have
to get up and walk
to get the blood flowing again
in my poor numb leg
he trails me
with glistening
brown doe-eyes
the reappearance of
his cozy
enchanted Lapland
for the sweet dreaming
of his
little dog dreams

17 thoughts on ““Secret connoisseur” poem

  1. For all of us who adore dogs and the idea of maybe visiting Lapland some day in some way, what a beautiful poem, again, Fran. So clever how you compare the two lap lands!!! I love the recharging of life for a day from his mighty warmth line. We have a beloved granddog and I know my daughter-in-law will love this poem. I nestle and speak to my granddog and she knows she can talk to me with her eyes. It is true. She nestles near me but only sits on my son’s or daughter-in-law’s lap. (I imagine you must but have you read Taylor Mali’s “How Like Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog?”. My son and his wife had it read at their wedding.) Dog people (and I am not one unless I am at your house and you help me make friends with your dog, otherwise i am afraid of strange dogs and have stupid fears from childhood. However, I know what loves they are. (PS is Dennis your fur baby?)


    • I. Love. That. Poem! Love IS like owning a dog! Dennis belongs to my youngest – we got him Christmas a year ago when he was only 7 weeks old, weighing 3 lbs. He thinks, however, that I belong to HIM. The breed is lively, clever, entertaining, gregarious – Dennis is so excited over company. He sits up to beg and it’s the cutest thing. He could possibly cure you. Lapland therapy:)

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  2. There’s no dead weight like that of a sleeping dog or a sleeping child. Lapland is a wonderful place for both of them! Someday I’m going to get a chair big enough for both my dog and I to sit in, but I know she’ll still prefer lapland!

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    • I wanted to mention my granddaughter who loves to sit in my lap as well – pretending she’s a baby squirrel named Cuddles – do you suppose I need to write a sequel poem? LapIand II??


  3. That is a VERY big resident of lapland. Somehow, it seems as though the fondest residents are the largest ones, and the sleepiest are the heaviest (which all strikes me in its Ogden Nash-ness). My sweet Lilah loves to also live in Lapland, though she will have to learn not to bite the lap she lands in if she’d like to be a more permanent resident!

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  4. I have missed coming to your site, Fran, but it has been so hectic here that I don’t have time to relax with writing and visiting friends. I am glad that I read your poem and it is a fine response to the challenge.

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    • Dear Carol – I absolutely understand the absolute dog-paddling of recent days, in trying to keep one’s head above water! I’ve been immersed in writing for sixty-one days straight, meaning that I’ve sacrificed a good bit of sleep and other things, not to mention all the living of life outside of writing… trust me, I know! I hope all is well with you and yours as you continue to settle. I look forward to each of us catching up soon. Always thankful for your thoughts and the gift of your words and poems.

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  5. I enjoyed the quietness, regardless of the surprisingly loud dog snores, or these moments in lapland. The picture you paint with, “beseeching the reappearance of his cozy enchanted Lapland” shows that, at least for your dog, this lapland is more important than any on a map.

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  6. I chortled as soon as I read “to a ten-pound”, knowing there was a pet moment coming next. What a wonderfully fun twist in the middle; I was happily traveling the Arctic circle with you, then smiling wistfully at the image of the circled doxie on your lap. This could be turned into a fun part of a picture book about your furbaby, with alternating interpretations of words….hmmm….

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