A bit of legacy poem

For Day Twenty-Six of National Poetry Month


I cannot measure
how much time remains
in the hourglass
of my days

sand grains
steadily trickling
more than half
already gone

yet still refining
my existence

with words

let them be
the worry-stone
worn smooth
slid into the pockets
of those I encounter
a cool indented
presence of calm
for the holding

let them be a beckoning
a turning inward
toward crystals
forming in the geode void
the amelioration
of hollow places

let them be
like the curious folk remedy
of my childhood
jars of strange white peach rings
with heart-colored centers
floating in witch hazel
(which has nothing to do
with magic; the etymology of the name is
cure for bruises and
what ails you

let my words be
a gauge for life-giving rain
yet flowing on
and on
a good measure
pressed and shaken
poured out

a testament of love
for the new life


5 thoughts on “A bit of legacy poem

  1. I love your first two stanzas. I am curious about the peach remedy! Never heard of it and if it works, natural is good. And the new life coming……leads me to wonder. I have been away from my computer, but am so happy to catch up reading your poems. I hope you will continue writing and sharing them. Do you visit The Opposite of Indifference blog with Tabatha Yeatts-Lonske? Do you know about her summer Poetry Swap? Sign up is by April 30. I asked for more details. I have heard about it, but am not sure what it entails. I would imagine anyone would be lucky to swap with you!!

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    • I have learned since posting that my remembered peach remedy is actually balsam pear instead – big alien-looking slices in a jar of some liquid that I feel quite certain was witch hazel. Someone in the extended family made it – good for bug bites and moisturizing skin, etc. but it oh my, it STUNK. I do know of Tabatha! She posts amazing stuff. I will have to check this swap out and once again – deepest thanks.


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