Facing fears poem

National Poetry Month has ended, and I miss it. While I may not be posting every day for a while, I continue to write.

The last prompt on Ethical ELA’s #VerseLove was on fear. Articulating it, facing it…perhaps conquering it.

This got me thinking how facing a thing for what it really is = the first step in conquering. There’s a lot of extreme anxiety in the world today. A lot of hatred. Sometimes we just don’t see things for what they are…including our own thoughts.

And so this poem was born.

Courage, peace, and wellness to you, Friends. Whatever it is…you can overcome.

My Fear Haiku

I once read a book
where people’s eyes turned inward.
They died from seeing

what’s inside their minds.
I trembled to take a look
at what lurks in mine.

Now I remember
what Granddaddy once told me
regarding black snakes:

don’t ever kill them.
See, black snakes eat rats and mice;
they’re good. We need them.

I think fear’s like that
snaking along, with purpose
something quite useful

so I never try
to kill it. Let it consume
the uglier parts

of my thoughts, and go its way
leaving me with a clean peace
and a better mind

so that all I fear,
in the end, is forgetting
memories of love.

Path of peace. The view after turning off the highway to visit my grandparents. The house is my grandmother’s homeplace, where she and her eight siblings were born in the early 1900s. Just ahead, around the bend on the left, stood my grandparents’ home where my dad and his sisters grew up in the 1940s-50s, and where I spent many childhood summers.

My safest haven on Earth. Snakes and all.

Love, life lessons, legacy, and memories live on.

3 thoughts on “Facing fears poem

  1. I love how this simple form can lead you to such complex thought, the connection between black snakes, their purpose, and your fears. Well-crafted. I will miss reading your daily posts. I did most of the Ethical ELA prompts. I need to go back and collect all the poems I wrote there. Thanks for writing and supporting my efforts as well. It was a good month.


  2. Fear. As you’ve pointed out, it plays such an outsized role in the anxiety and hatred that is so common in our society today. I wish we could get to that place where we fear “forgetting memories of love.”

    Thank you, as well, for sharing the pictures and memories of your grandparents’ home. I spend the past four days visiting my parents “up north,” and it was so good to be back in a place I visit fairly often but haven’t lived in for nearly four decades.

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    • So lovely that you got to make that visit home , Tim – trips back to my grandparents’ over the years were some of my richest experiences. Thank you always for your thoughts and words!


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